Penwith Psychotherapy Psychotherapy & Counselling
in St Ives & Penzance

What data I collect about you


Email address

Phone number

Home address

GP name and practice address

Notes are not kept

Why I collect this data:

In order to communicate with you about sessions, and to send you invoices, I need your contact details.
I need your home address and GP's details in case of emergency.

Where it's kept:

Names, along with email addresses and phone numbers, are necessarily stored within an email/contacts program in a password protected smartphone and computer.
Name, home address and GP information is kept in a password-protected spreadsheet stored on a hard drive.

How long is it kept for:

I keep records for 3 years after the end of the period of working together.
After this time, any records are deleted.

How you can request removal of your data:

You can contact me by email to discuss this.

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